Areas of Expertise

A Nurse Practitioner  Who Helps You Live The Life You Desire


Dawn is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Health and Wellness Coach.  As a nurse she knows that addressing the underlying cause of illness provides opportunity for the body to heal.

Dawn provides a nurturing environment to reach personal goals for wellness, health promotion, healing the cause of illness and promote opportunity for growth!

“Over my years of practice I have come to know the importance of engaging clients in a personalized plan of care that nurtures their health by supporting and guiding them through evidence based cutting-edge information to avoid illness and minimize suffering from chronic conditions.”

Your Nurse Practitioner for :
Individual Care, Group education classes, Corporate wellness

When you make an appointment with Dawn you will enter into a relationship of whole person care for physical, emotional and lifestyle care. If you are interested in increasing your current state of health through positive transformation and healing, call and make your appointment today!


Dawn provides adult (age 18+) care including:

  • General physicals, health assessments and medication review/prescriptions

  • Hormone imbalances related to aging, stress, menstruation, thyroid disorders  

  • Sleep issues

  • Anxiety, depressed mood and energy balance,

  • Sleep concerns

  • Immune issues including allergies, chronic rashes, recurrent infection and autoimmune conditions

Lifestyle Medicine                                   
  • Lifestyle modification for disease prevention, healthy weight and healing

  • Managing heart disease risk factors:
    high blood pressure, high cholesterol.
    Pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes
    Stress management

  • Weight management

  • High cholesterol, high blood pressure

  • Pre diabetes/Diabetes

  • Cooking/Nutrition education


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