A Tool for Cultivating Purpose

Cultivating purpose in our life can increase

personal energy and enhance our wellbeing.

Purpose is a balance of knowing our strengths and

gifts then aligning them with our values. Individual

hopes and needs provide insight into our values,

which can then point the way to our underlying


Winter can be a time of rest and reflection with a

space to nurture our gifts and interests. What better time to

foster our purpose and engage in self discovery,

creativity and knowledge?

Are you considering an experiment with a new

recreation, creative activity, experience or topic that

interests you? Maybe you desire more information or

support for family time. When you learn to align your

everyday life with moments that fulfill you and utilize

your gifts, you are better able to create an authentic,

purposeful life —and the more benefits you will see.

Your values support your actions. They are

your underlying driving force and what really

matters to you. When you have identified your

interests and gifts, plug them into the equation:

(your interests) + (your gifts) + (your values) =

(your purpose).

When your life is based on your gifts and

passions, the power of purpose emerges, renewing

energy and aliveness. As human beings we are fully

alive when we are able to grow and experiment with

new challenges and interests. What do you have on

your list to explore this year? Is there something you

always wanted to try or learn more about?


Dawn Ritter is a Family Nurse Practitioner and

Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She is owner

of Begin Again: Health & Wellbeing LLC

She can be reached at 507-676-7308

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