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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Summer: 5 Ideas to Embrace the Season

Summer brings many opportunities to fuel your mind, body and

spirit. Warm weather and fewer schedules offer time to embrace the

essence of summer. We all have our favorite memories of longer

days, relaxed rhythms and time spent with friends and family.

Summer is a time to enjoy planting and cultivating vegetable

and flower gardens. Witnessing the show of flowers that burst with

color and fragrance. Some of us can go to the beach, hike a

mountain or forest trail. Children have less schedule and more

opportunity to play with friends or go to camp.

How will you embrace this season? Summer is the perfect time

to look within and tune up your healing connection to the energy

source of sunlight and nature. Here are some ideas you might try to

take in the bounty of the season:

#1-Get Outside

As a child my parents always encouraged us kids to “get outside”.

Yes sometimes it was to get out from under foot but more so to

release energy, explore the world and experiment with our

environment. Step away from the television and move into the

present. Getting outside offers you time to move your body, soak

up the sun and reflect on the wonders of nature. After a long day at

work being outside helps to clear the mind, release negative energy

and refuel you. Longer days and cool evenings are a wonderful time

for walks and outdoor play with children. Its fun to see families

together pushing strollers and monitoring a child on training wheels

go down the street on a summer evening.

#2-Get Wet

So many sweet summer memories are connected to water —

swimming, boating, hiking beside a creek, rafting on a mighty river

or gently paddling in a kayak on a quiet lake. Summer vacations “up

north” to fish and feel the cool refreshing waters or a speed boat

ride feeling the spray on our face. Water is essential to life and

offers beautiful sounds of calming therapy. Just being around water

can help clear your mind and restores and lift your spirits. Water

reminds us of our human condition, always moving and changing yet


#3-Get to your Farmer’s Markets

There is no better time to nurture your body than with local summer

fruits and vegetables. Your body thrives on fresh ripe food and

seasonal recipes. Farmers markets help connect the community.

There are at least three markets here in Steele County. If you can't

make it to the Farmer's Market in downtown Owatonna on Saturday

mornings, or to the Medford Farmer's Market at the Outlet Center

on Sundays, or maybe you just need to visit a market in the

evenings, this is good news. The North Market is open on Tuesdays,

at Grace Baptist Church from 4-7 pm. There you can meet your

friends and neighbors and appreciate the energy and process of

bringing food to the table. Children can help choose the produce and

experiment with help preparing meals that bring families together.

#4-Get together with family

Holidays with family are important but many would agree that some

of the best memories we make together are made in the summer.

Whether you are spending quality time with family or friends, the

possibilities for fun are endless. Family reunions can be pot luck in

park or your back yard. Weddings abound in the summer and offer a

time of joy to be shared. It might take some planning to organize

large groups but impromptu weekend adventures to a park or resort

can provide relaxed time together that will be treasured forever.

Children grow quickly, schedules become demanding of our energy

and time. Summer is the perfect time to reconnect and nurture


#5-Get in touch with your inner self

Take advantage of time alone in the fresh air and be mindful of your

thoughts and needs. Read a good book or investigate a new hobby.

Take advantage of an adventure alone or with family and friends.

Plan time to relax, ponder life and breathe. Health comes from all the

things we do to promote our well being. Whether you are seeking an

adventure or crave more connection with nature and loved ones,

take advantage of this precious summer season and embrace its


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