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Hormone Imbalances Need Attention

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Hormone Imbalances Create Health Concerns that Need Attention

Hormone imbalances can be caused by multiple factors. Most commonly we see

these arise from nutritional deficiencies, chronic inflammation, stress, illness, child

bearing, ineffective digestion, medications, processed foods and your genetic


Hormone imbalance is often the cause of illness and has a lot to do with WHAT

you eat and HOW you reset from the stress of everyday life. When hormones including

insulin, thyroid, cortisol and sex hormones such as estrogen are too high or too low we

will see disruption of our metabolism. Primary hormones that cause weight gain, mood

changes and low energy, when out of balance include insulin, thyroid, cortisol and sex


Insulin is the hormone that is utilized to open the cell to allow glucose to move in

for energy. It rises very quickly and stays high in our body when we eat too much food in

a meal and too many sweets with refined simple sugars. Insulin spikes when we drink

liquid calories found in pop, juices and cocktails. Often this process produces increased

fat storage in the body cells, increased accumulation of waist fat and spikes and valleys

in blood sugar levels that cause more food cravings. This can become a dangerous

pattern that leads to hyper insulin states, obesity and diabetes.

Thyroid hormone function plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy weight, mood

and energy. Low thyroid is a major player in weight-loss resistance. Among my patients,

I have found it essential to complete a full panel of thyroid function test to insure

complete understanding of thyroid function. TSH and free T3 and T4, as well as thyroid

antibodies including thyroid peroxidase (TPO) and anti-thyroglobulin antibodies are

important to asses. Some people may need to dig deeper and get a special test called

reverse T3 levels measured. Reverse T3 is the brake that stops your thyroid hormone

from working at the right times. Unfortunately, toxins and inflammation increase levels of

reverse T3. Even if regular thyroid tests appear normal, high levels of reverse T3 mean

your thyroid is not working properly.

Cortisol hormone levels need to follow a rise in the morning and a gentle curve

down during the day in preparation for restful sleep at night. Persistent stressors

through the day that keep cortisol high will increase blood pressure, irritable mood,

hunger, headaches and muscle tension. Remember, stress is a response to something

that makes you feel threatened and not always provoked by real circumstances. Stress

is any real or imagined threat to your body or ego. While that might mean someone

putting a gun to your head, it could also mean you have thoughts that you are not

measuring up in your life or you are overwhelmed with your life situation.

You can’t eliminate stress completely, but you can reduce the adverse effects of it

on your wellbeing with daily activities that offer relaxation and shut off the alarm

system.To decrease your stress, become mindful of your worry patterns. We often get

into habits of thinking, beliefs and ideas that keep us stressed. With practice you can

consider possible dangers ahead but refocus thoughts on your strengths. You have

control over how you respond to situations of life and can use the tools you have to

meet these challenges. If you need more help reach out to someone you trust or

community resources for help in crisis.

Try to practice active relaxation.Often people will find quiet time away from

technology, practice deep breathing, prayer, calming exercise such as a walk outside or

gentle stretching will deepen relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind and body. These

activities activate pathways that promote weight loss and health.

Know your priorities and learn to say NO. There are only so many hours in a day

and stretching our days too long will cause increased stress and feelings of frustration

that erode at our self esteem and growth. Take the time you need to complete a job well

and you will have gained self respect and nurture self care. Living with compassion

toward yourself is just as important as giving kindness and respect to others.

Sex hormone imbalances, such as estrogen and testosterone, can also cause

persistent weight, mood and energy problems. Symptoms of excess estrogen in women

include breast tenderness, fluid retention, menstrual problems and central abdominal

weight gain. Having too much estrogen causes weight gain whether you’re a man or a

woman. For both genders, too much sugar, refined carbohydrates and alcohol

adisregulates hormone balances that then lead to changes in sleep patterns, energy

and mood. Ongoing weight gain creates further cardiovascular disease, sexual

disfunction and elevations in blood glucose which all lead to chronic health issues.

To decrease elevated excess hormones in your body eliminate daily. Bulk up on

fiber from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Constipation affects for your hormone

levels. You may take magnesium citrate, vitamin C, probiotics and ground flax seeds

daily to help maintain regularity.

Routine bowel movements support proper release of excess or unneeded products of

metabolism. Your gut cultivates many hormones necessary for your health. Too little

fiber or over clearing bacteria from unnecessary use of antibiotics damage the gut, and

diminishes its ability to detoxify or excrete waste. Clearing our body of environmental

chemicals, medications, artificial food products and waste depends on excellent gut

function and digestion. Get moving your body routinely. Exercise helps promote regular

bowel movements, detoxification through sweat, decreases fat and estrogen storage in


If you suspect hormonal imbalances, you’ll want to visit with a trusted provider

who understands your concerns and needs. Pay attention to your diet, limit or remove

alcohol. Excess alcohol can compromise liver and kidney function, which also inhibit

detoxification and create hormonal imbalances, high triglycerides and fatty liver.

While there are multiple factors that contribute to weight gain and resistance to weight

loss I have found that identifying individual needs for hormonal balance help people to

feel more energy, loose weight and enjoy life again. Information and support can inspire

you to enhance your self care, rebalance your body to enhance your health and


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